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7 months ago @ 6:00PM

Physical Exam - FAQ's

Physical Exams FAQ’s



Do I have to come during my school’s time?


  • We recommend those times, but you may come any time between 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm. 


How can I pay for my son/daughter?

  • Cash, Credit Cards or Checks are the only accepted methods of payment.  Checks should be made out to Capital High School in the amount of $20.


Who needs this athletic physical?

  • Any athlete who WILL BE a freshman (9th grader) or junior (11th grader) in the upcoming school year.


If I got my physical as a sophomore (10th grader), do I need a new physical?

  • YES.  IHSAA rules state that all freshman and junior athletes need an updated physical after May 1st in order to be eligible for the upcoming sports.


I just moved in from out of state, do I need a new physical?

  • YES.  Out of state physicals are not accepted.


Do my parents need to come to the physicals?

  • NO.  However, the front side of the form must be completed and SIGNED by the parent/guardian at the bottom.


Who receives the money from this event?

  • The ADA County Medical Society (ACMS) coordinates this event and donates ALL proceeds back to the high school sports medicine programs. 


What’s so special about the pre-participation physical exam day?

  • The physical day allows for an in-depth and inexpensive physical. Doctors and specialists in each field, such as orthopedics and cardiology will perform various parts of the exam.


What if I can’t make it to physical day?

  • It is your responsibility to find a physician to complete your physical before your sport begins.


I’m only running track, is it okay if I get my physical this early?

  • YES.  In fact, it’s encouraged that you do it now so you don’t leave it until the last minute and find that you are ineligible on the first day of practice.

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