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Capital Eagles Athletics

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Capital Eagles Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 5:30PM

2018 Tryout Dates

Capital volleyball tryouts are being held Friday August 10th and Saturday August 11th. ALL incoming 9th graders will be having their hs and jr hs tryouts at Capital Friday August 10th. For all 10-12th grades, all 4 session are mandatory to show up to be eligible to make a team. After Fridays session 1, we will ask select 9th graders to come back for Saturdays sessions to tryout for a hs team.

Session 1 - Fri. August 10th - 9am-11am (All 9th) , 10am-1pm (All 10th-12th)

Session 2 - Fri. August 10th - 6pm-8:30pm (Select 9th, All 10th-12th)

Session 3 - Sat. August 11th - 8am-10am (Select 9th, All 10th-12th)

Session 4 - Sat. August 11th - 1pm-3pm (Select 9th, All 10th-12th)

All tryouts will be in the main gym.

Team News

1 month ago @ 5:35PM

Sportsware Registration

ALL athletes need to be registered on Sportsware prior to August 1st. Instructions are attached.

Hello Parents and Welcome to Capital Athletics!
Before participating in any practice or game, student-athletes must complete the required documents required by the Boise School District and the Idaho High School Activities Association.
In an effort to reduce the amount of paperwork and “go green”, the Boise School District has moved to an online electronic version of the required paperwork. The program used by all Athletic Departments is called CSMi SportsWare.

This document provides you with step-by-step instructions on completing all required forms. If at any point you have any questions; please e-mail me your problem or question at
NOTE: If you have more than one child participating in Capital Athletics, YOU WILL HAVE to create a SEPARATE account/password for each child!
**If you have gone through the registration process in the past for a particular athlete; please login to SportsWare using the e-mail and password you created. If you do not know your password, you can click on reset or forgot password at the login page. Once you log in; start with Step #3.
If this is a new registration & the athlete has not been registered in the system; start with Step #1.

STEP 1 – Joining Sportsware
● Go to .
● Click "Join SportsWare".
● Enter Capital’s ID: 303.
● Enter your ATHLETE’s First and Last Name, the Parent email address, and select "Capital High School" from the Group pull-down (your only option).
● You will need to be approved in SportsWare manually by Capital’s athletic trainers before you can continue to STEP 2!
○ You will likely be approved quickly but may take as long as 24 hours depending on circumstances.

STEP 2 – Creating Password & Logging In
● Once approved, you will receive an email that will welcome you to SportsWare OnLine, and ask that you to create a password. Please follow the steps to creating a new password.
● Next, Login using your email address, and the password you just created. You are now ready to begin the online portion of athletic paperwork.
● You will be directed to the main CSMi SportsWare Athlete Portal page. Near the top of the screen, you will see a black bar with the tabs: MyInfo, Med History, and Forms.

STEP 3 – Boise School District Forms ● Click "Forms" from the black bar near the top of the screen. ● Complete EACH of the 3 required forms with an electronic signature. This must be a parent’s signature!
○ To complete each form, click “Select” for the form, then “Open”.
○ Do this for each form
● You must fill in all the appropriate boxes and click the “Save and Submit” Button when completed in order for it to reach Capital and be recorded
● You will be prompted to electronically sign after you click “Save and Submit”.
○ If you forgot an area, you will be prompted back to the form to complete it

STEP 4 – Athlete Information
● Click on MyInfo.
● Click on the “General” Tab
○ Please fill in all boxes with a RED STAR (*) to the right. These include First Name, Last Name, Class, Gender and Birth Date.
● Click on the “Address” Tab
○ Under Primary Address, please fill in all the boxes with a RED STAR (*)
o You may, if you wish, fill in information under Secondary Address.
● Click on “Emergency” Tab
○ Please fill in contact information with a RED STAR (*), including full address and a cell phone number, for both the Primary and Secondary Emergency Contacts.
○ You are NOT limited to just one phone number; please feel free to type in Home and Work as well if they are different from the provided cell phone number
 Click on the “Insurance” Tab.
o Please just fill in the name of your child’s insurance provider.
 This includes “Idaho Medicaid”
o If there is no insurance, please type in “None”
 Click on the “Medical” tab.
o Under Alerts, please select (or type in) any medical conditions and or allergies your child may have.
o If there are none, please choose “No Known Allergies” for one box and “No Known Med Problems” for the second box.
o Under the Drugs Taken section, please type in any medications that your child takes regularly. If there are no medications, please type in “None.”
o Under the Doctor Section, please type in your Family or Primary Care Physician. If you do not have one, just type in “None.”
o Click "Save".
■ You will be directed back to the home page.

STEP 5 – Athlete Medical History
 Click "Med History" from the black bar near the top of the screen.
 Please answer all medical history questions "yes" or "no".
○ If yes, please comment briefly as indicated to the right side of each question.
○ All items are required to be answered.
 Click "Save".
○ You are directed back to the home page
You are now finished with your child’s Boise School District Athletic Paperwork!

Do not worry if the system states “not cleared to play”. If you are missing something, we will let you know!
NOTE: The Pre-Participation Physical Exam process has not changed. This form needs to be completed and signed by a physician! Physical Exams will still be hard copies and are turned in to your athletic trainer at Capital High School. You can scan & e-mail the physical copy if you would like to do so.
If you may have questions, please contact me via email at
Pam Arriola MPE, LAT, ATC


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